Faculty of Theology

Larry Lichtenwalter, PhD
Faculty Dean

The Faculty of Philosophy and Theology consists of two departments: the Department of Religion, which offers two undergraduate degrees; and the Department of Mediterranean and Near Eastern Studies, which offers one graduate MEU degree in Islamic Studies, a BA concentration in Islamic Studies, and one graduate Andrews University degree in Mediterranean Studies, Arabic language instruction, and creative research/symposia via its Adventist Institute for Islamic and Arabic Studies. Philosophy and Ethics courses are offered for both Department of Religion and other University departmental program needs.

The Faculty's vision is to be known for advancing the life-transforming worldview of Revelation's Three Angels' Messages (Rev 14:6-12) for personal life and compassionate service, and for its contribution to Adventist understanding of the Arab and Islamic world.

The mission of the Faculty is to equip converted Adventist gospel workers and leaders to think theologically, engage globally, and live biblically by:

The Faculty supports and helps nuance MEU’s spiritual, ethical, and service values and ethos. Faculty members bring rich experience in pastoral care and nurture as well as spiritual leadership and biblical insight in their personal interaction with both students and other MEU faculty and staff.