The Department of English offers an undergraduate degree and a graduate degree. The department provides its students with foundational skills in the English language that will serve them in a variety of careers.

The mission of the department is to provide outstanding degree programs that will develop our graduates into competent communicators, analytical scholars, creative writers, and critical readers.

The department offers the following degree programs:

Bachelor of Arts in English

The BA degree in English emphasizes composition, language, and literature. It introduces students to various writing styles, the background and structure of the English language, a range of human experience reflected in literature, and critical literary theory and analysis of texts. Students preparing to teach English at a scholastic level must apply separately for the Teaching Diploma. Students must complete 94 credits as follows:

General Education Courses cr
COMM211 Communication Skills 3
ENLG211 English Composition I 3
ENLG212 English Composition II 3
ENLG215 Research Methodology 2
HLED110 Principles of Healthful Living 2
INFS210 Foundations of Information Technology 3
PHIL241 Ethics in Modern Society 3
RLGN274 God and Human Life 3
SOCI200 Philosophy of Service 2
3 credits from:
ARAB101 Arabic for Beginners I 3
ARAB211 Arabic Language Skills 3
1 credit from:
PEAC101 Basic Physical Education 1
PEAC104 Individual Activities - Tennis 1
PEAC105 Team Activities - Basketball 1
PEAC106 Team Activities - Volleyball 1
PEAC107 Team Activities - Soccer 1
3 credits from:
RLGN212 Jesus in His Time and Ours 3
RLGN213 Old Testament Survey 3
RLGN214 New Testament Survey 3
3 credits from:
PSYC201 General Psychology 3
SOCI210 General Sociology 3
Major Courses cr
ENLG220 Introduction to Rhetoric 3
ENLG230 Introduction to the Study of Language 3
ENLG250 Literary Genres 3
ENLG267 Literature for Children and Adolescents 3
ENLG268 World Literature in English 3
ENLG280 Drama 3
ENLG310 Creative Writing 3
ENLG315 Media Writing 3
ENLG323 Teaching and Tutoring Writing 3
ENLG332 Language, Culture, and Society 3
ENLG334 Phonetics and Phonology 3
ENLG335 Methods for Teaching English as a Second Language 3
ENLG338 Second Language Acquisition 3
ENLG361 English Literature 3
ENLG363 Shakespeare and His Contemporaries 3
ENLG365 American Literature 3
ENLG423 Advanced Composition 3
ENLG440 Advanced English Grammar 3
ENLG445 Development of the English Language 3
ENLG471 Literary Criticism and Theory 3
Total Credits 94
Master of Arts in English

The MA degree in English offers a selection of courses in the structure of the English language. It is designed to train students to think critically and knowledgeably about the English language, to understand the structure of the language and its rhetoric, and to learn about the professional use of written English. The program is available to those who wish to advance their knowledge in the English language or plan to teach in an academic setting. Students must complete 36 credits as follows: