Financial Information


Middle East University is a non-profit educational institution that charges moderate fees. Students are expected to pay the tuition and fees in full during the registration period at the beginning of each semester or make alternative arrangements with the Business Office.

Information on tuition and fees is available on the University's website and on a separate document obtained from the University's Business Office. Payments should be made in cash (Lebanese pounds) or by direct deposit into the University bank account. The University makes every effort to maintain the tuition and fee costs as published at the beginning of the academic year. However, the University reserves the right to make changes necessitated by unexpected circumstances. Such changes are announced before the semester in which they become effective. Below is a list of required fees by the University:


Applicants from outside Lebanon must pay an advance security deposit with a notarized affidavit of support. Once this document and the deposit are received and accepted along with the application form, the University will consider issuing an acceptance letter. The deposit is held until the student's enrollment at the University is terminated and can be credited for the final semester of registration.


Students who have made payment arrangements with the Business Office but do not meet their financial obligations to the University at the end of the semester will receive no academic credit for that semester. Outstanding balances must be settled in full before students are allowed to register. If students fail to settle their account by the end of the semester/session, interest may be applied on the balance. Transcripts, diplomas, and other academic records are only released when a student's account has been cleared. All students must obtain a financial clearance card from the Business Office to be permitted to sit for the final examinations.


When two or more students from the same family are attending the University during the same academic year, a discount of 10% is given to the second son/ daughter and beyond, provided the study load is 12 credits or more. This discount is applied on the final statement of the academic year granted that full fees have been paid promptly each semester. Application for the family discount must be made at the time of registration.


Financial aid is given to a limited number of students in the form of a tuition discount. To be eligible, a student must demonstrate a need, be in a degree program, be academically qualified, and be registered for at least 12 credits. Students on social probation do not qualify for financial aid. If a student fails a course or withdraws from it, the financial aid for that particular course will be terminated. An application for financial aid, obtained from the Business Office and available on the University's website, must be submitted by the student each semester. Financial aid is not available during the summer session.


Students who withdraw from courses during the first four weeks of the semester will receive the following refunds on tuition only:

100% refund during the first week (Drop or Add Courses period)
75% refund during the second week
50% refund during the third week
0% refund as of the fourth week

Unpaid tuition and fees will be deducted from any calculated refund. The refund schedule is modified for the summer session. Room and board refunds are in proportion to used/unused time.


MEU does not provide insurance coverage for personal effects and is not responsible for the loss or damage of personal belongings brought to the campus by its students. The University recommends that students purchase their own insurance coverage for personal effects.