Bachelor of Arts in Graphic Design and Digital Media

The BA degree in Graphic Design and Digital Media explores the environments of computer graphics as a medium for visual communication and personal artistic expression. It prepares students to produce interactive marketing and advertising materials. Students must complete 101 credits as follows:

General Education Courses Cr
COMM211 Communication Skills 3
CPTR208 Foundations of Information Technology 2
ENLG211 English Composition I 3
ENLG212 English Composition II 3
ENLG215 Research Methodology 2
HLED110 Principles of Healthful Living 2
PEAC___ Physical Education Course 1
PHIL241 Ethics in Modern Society 3
RLGN274 God and Human Life 3
SOCI101 Learning for Life 1
3 credits from:
ARAB101 Arabic for Beginners I 3
ARAB211 Arabic Language Skills 3
6 credits from:
RLGN212 Jesus in His Time and Ours 3
RLGN213 Old Testament Survey 3
RLGN214 New Testament Survey 3
3 credits from:
PSYC201 General Psychology 3
SOCI210 General Sociology 3
Major Courses Cr
GDDM221 History of Art 3
GDDM223 Color Theory/Painting 3
GDDM231 Drawing 3
GDDM235 Graphic Design I 3
GDDM236 Graphic Design II 3
GDDM237 Digital Media 3
GDDM242 Digital Imaging 3
GDDM245 Digital Photography 1
GDDM248 Illustration 3
GDDM326 Typography 3
GDDM327 Advanced Typography 3
GDDM345 Web Design 3
GDDM400 Ideation and Visual Processes 3
GDDM402 Culture, Context and Message 3
GDDM455 Branding 3
GDDM456 Advertising Design 3
GDDM461 Senior Project and Portfolio 1
GDDM466 Internship in Graphic Design 1
GDDM468 Beyond Walls/Service Learning Project 2
Cognate Courses Cr
ENLG315 Media Writing 3
MKTG310 Principles of Marketing 3
3 credits from:
BSAD___ _ 3
ENLG____ _ 3
Total Credits 94