The Department of Teacher Education offers undergraduate and graduate degree programs in education that expose students to the various areas related specifically to the art of teaching and generally to the science of education. Students will receive the necessary knowledge to understand the different groups of learners and to develop professional leadership skills suitable for educational institutions in the MENA region.

The mission of the department is to prepare educators who are competent in their field, compassionate in their approach, sensitive to making a difference in the lives of their learners, and committed to their profession and to the pursuit of truth, with the aim of promoting the balanced development of the spiritual, mental, physical, and social dimensions of their learners.

The department offers the following degree programs:

Bachelor of Arts in Elementary Education with Teaching Diploma

The BA degree in elementary education is offered to promote the teaching of subject matters, pedagogical knowledge, and knowledge of the learners. It is a professional degree with emphasis on the curriculum and methodology of teaching in the elementary school. The program includes methodology courses and related subject-matter courses that should be taken concurrently. The student teaching courses should be taken toward the end of the program after completing most of the required courses. Upon the completion of the degree, students will be issued a BA diploma with a Teaching Diploma (TD). Students must complete 112 credits as follows:

General Education Courses cr
COMM211 Communication Skills 3
ENLG211 English Composition I 3
ENLG212 English Composition II 3
ENLG215 Research Methodology 2
HLED110 Principles of Healthful Living 2
INFS220 Introduction to Information Technology 3
PHIL241 Ethics in Modern Society 3
PSYC201 General Psychology 3
RLGN274 God and Human Life 3
SOCI200 Philosophy of Service 2
3 credits from:
ARAB101 Arabic for Beginners I 3
ARAB211 Arabic Language Skills 3
12 credits from:
BIOL111 Survey of Biology 3
BIOL250 Introduction to Nutrition 3
CHEM111 Survey of Chemistry 3
MATH115 Calculus I 3
SOCI210 General Sociology 3
1 credit from:
PEAC101 Basic Physical Education 1
PEAC104 Individual Activities - Tennis 1
PEAC105 Individual Activities - Basketball 1
PEAC106 Individual Activities - Volleyball 1
PEAC107 Individual Activities - Soccer 1
3 credits from:
RLGN212 Jesus in His Time and Ours 3
RLGN213 Old Testament Survey 3
RLGN214 New Testament Survey 3
Core Courses cr
EDTE210 Foundations of Education 4
EDTE220 Principles of Teaching and Learning 3
EDTE321 Methods for Teaching Reading 3
EDTE323 Arts and Movement in Elementary Curriculum 3
EDTE325 Instructional Technology and Media 3
EDTE345 Educational Psychology 3
EDTE452 Classroom Testing and Evaluation 3
EDTE455 Curriculum Design and Development 3
EDTE462 Educating Exceptional Learners 3
EDTE481 Student Teaching-Elementary 3
EDTE482 Student Teaching-Elementary 3
EDTE___ _ 3
Major Courses cr
6 credits from:
EDTE331 Methods for Teaching Social Studies 3
EDTE332 Methods for Teaching Mathematics 3
EDTE333 Methods for Teaching Science 3
EDTE335 Methods for Teaching English as a Second Language 3
2 credits from:
EDTE318 Issues in Education 3
12 credits from:
ENLG220 Introduction to Rhetoric 3
ENLG230 Introduction to the Study of Language 3
ENLG268 World Literature in English 3
ENLG310 Creative Writing 3
ENLG315 Media Writing 3
ENLG323 Teaching and Tutoring Writing 3
ENLG363 Shakespeare and His Contemporaries 3
ENLG365 American Literature 3
ENLG423 Advanced Composition 3
Cognate Courses cr
ENLG267 Literature for Children and Adolescents 3
PSYC302 Developmental Psychology 3
PSYC470 Counseling and Guidance 3
2 credits from:
MATH240 Statistics 2
Total Credits 112
Teaching Diploma Information

The TD is offered to those who are completing or have completed a bachelor's degree in an appropriate area of study taught in elementary and/or secondary schools. This program, with concentrations in Elementary Education and Secondary Education, serves the needs of university graduates who plan to become schoolteachers, or those who have already had some experience in teaching but lack adequate academic preparation.

All Teaching Diploma students are classified as special students. They must be holders of the Lebanese Baccalaureate or its equivalent, pass the English language entrance examination, and successfully complete the diploma program over and above the total number required for a bachelor's degree. Students must maintain a minimum cumulative grade-point average of 2.00, with no grades lower than "C-".

Teaching Diploma in Elementary Education

In order to receive the Teaching Diploma in Elementary Education, students must complete 22 credits as follows:

Teaching Diploma in Secondary Education

In order to receive the Teaching Diploma in Secondary Education, students must complete 22 credits as follows:

Student Teaching

The student teaching course consists of active observation, participation, and teaching under supervision in an elementary or a secondary school setting. An orientation for student teaching is conducted before students attend their assigned schools. During orientation, students receive a packet of materials containing information about student teaching requirements and evaluation procedures. A weekly meeting is conducted with the supervising faculty member. Full attention to the teaching responsibilities is vital to receiving a positive recommendation from the school and a satisfactory letter grade.

Master of Arts in Education

The MA degree in education is designed for those who are seeking to enhance their classroom skills, become curriculum supervisors, or assume leadership roles in many educational settings. The degree consists of core courses, two concentrations (Curriculum and Instruction and Educational Leadership), and a thesis. Students will acquire practical and academic skills in analysis, communication, problem solving, critical thinking, and team building. In case of undergraduate deficiencies, students will be required to take prerequisite courses specified by the department. Students must complete 36 credits as follows:

Master of Arts in Teaching

The MAT is a degree program designed for professional educators who seek to enhance their competence in the field of education, to improve their instructional skills and methodology, as well as to focus on teaching a particular subject matter taught in either the elementary or the secondary school. Currently, English is the only subject matter offered by the department. In case of undergraduate deficiencies, students will be required to take prerequisite courses specified by the department. Students must complete 36 credits as follows: