Information for Graduate Students


Upon admission into the graduate study program, an academic advisor is assigned to the student. The advisor's task is to assist and guide the student in planning his/her course of study, to approve the student's course schedule, and to counsel the student about academic requirements and expectations.


The graduate courses are classified under two categories:

Graduate Level Courses

The graduate degree courses (MA, MAT, MS, and MBA) are numbered between 500 and 699. Graduate students must maintain a minimum cumulative grade-point average (GPA) of 3.00 in all graduate courses. No more than two grades below "B-" and no grades below "C" are permitted. The passing grade for the thesis is "B".

Foundation Courses

Foundation courses may be required to fulfill deficiencies in a student's academic background. These courses should ideally be taken before beginning the graduate degree. In no case may a student enroll for more than 50% of the program credits without completing these courses. These courses do not count toward the graduate degree. The minimum passing grade for a foundation course is a "C". The student must maintain a minimum cumulative grade-point average (GPA) of 2.75 in the foundation courses.

Graduate level courses are generally taught during late afternoons and/or evenings.


The graduate thesis demonstrates a student's capacity for original, in-depth, and independent research work. The thesis must be written in the English language and must follow the process and conform to the format as spelled out in the University's published research standards, which contain more information on the processes and procedures for writing a thesis at MEU. The thesis must be completed within the 6 years allotted by MEU for a master's degree. Nothing in the registration procedures below extends that 6-year time limit.


Graduate students may register for the thesis (6 credits total) any semester after completion of the Research Methods course and 24 credits of course work, provided their cumulative grade-point average is at least 3.00 and they have the consent of the faculty dean. Thesis registration must take place no later than the academic period following the completion of coursework.

Thesis registration triggers the start of the 2-year period for thesis completion. The thesis process should normally be completed within 1 year, but University policy allows up to 2 years for thesis research, writing, and defense, not to exceed the time limit for the degree.

A student must remain registered after thesis defense until all the corrections have been accepted and the signed thesis completion form has been submitted to the Office of the Registrar.


For students who have not yet completed their thesis, failure to register for thesis continuation at the end of the 2-year thesis process means a loss of active status. This means that the uncompleted thesis credits will receive a grade of Unsatisfactory, and if the student wishes to re-activate their status, they will have to re-apply for the degree. Restarting includes adherence to the current catalog regulations, and may require a new proposal defense. The 6-year time limit from their initial registration for courses still applies.


Students who wish to participate in graduation must have their thesis defended, corrected, and accepted, with the final form on the Registrar's desk by no later than 1 week before graduation.