Language Institutes


The English Institute is a full-time English program that aims to help students develop the language skills needed to function in English, as well as the academic skills needed to succeed in university. The program is designed to improve the English comprehension and speaking, as well as reading and writing skills through the study of reading, grammar, vocabulary, composition, oral and aural practice.

The English Language Institute offers basic, intermediate, and advanced levels of preparatory university-level language courses for students wishing to learn or improve their English. Students are placed in one of the three levels based on the score of their English language entrance examination. The basic and intermediate levels consist of four courses at each level (Reading, Writing, Listening/Speaking, and Grammar), for a total of 20 class hours per week, and the advanced level consists of three courses (Reading, Writing, and Grammar), for a total of 15 hours per week.

Students at the Intermediate level may be allowed to take a Physical Education course or an Arabic course, with permission from the Language Institute coordinator. Students at the Advanced level are allowed to take one or two university courses, as directed by their academic advisor.

Students may attend the English Language Institute whether or not they intend to pursue a degree at Middle East University. The credits earned in the English Language Institute are not counted toward any degree offered by Middle East University.

Placement Scores

The table below shows the required placement test scores for entry to each level of English.

Basic* 325-399 15-31 50-93 4.0-4.5
Intermediate 400-474 32-52 97-150 5.0
Advanced 475-524 53-70 153-197 5.5

*Students who score below this level may be able to participate in Beginner level courses.

Students who test below the minimum level required for admission to the Basic Level of the English Language Institute may be allowed to enter under a special program for Beginners. This program aids true beginners to prepare themselves for more advanced English language learning. This level is offered based on demand, and there is not usually enough demand every semester. For this reason, students should make arrangements with the English Institute before planning to start their studies at the English Language Institute.

Passing Grades and Promotion

To be promoted from the Basic Level to the Intermediate Level and from the Intermediate Level to the Advanced Level, students must achieve an average of not less than "C" across the four courses, with no grade below "C-."

To be promoted out of the English Language Institute, students in the Advanced Level must achieve an average of not less than "C" across all courses, with no grade lower than "C-." A student at the Advanced Level who achieves an average of "B+" with no grade less than "B" across all courses may take English Composition I without the need for an English Placement Test or the remedial Introduction to Academic English course.

Students who successfully complete the Advanced English Level with the required grade may begin their university degree program. Students who do not pass their English Language Institute courses with the required grades must either repeat the level or pass one of the official placement tests with the scores indicated above.

TOEFL Preparation Course

The English Language Institute also offers a TOEFL preparation course for advanced non-degree and graduate students who wish to develop the necessary English language skills to pass the TOEFL examination. The course covers the areas of listening and reading comprehension, grammar, structure/written expression and speaking which are included in the PBT, CBT, and iBT TOEFL examinations.

Basic English Level Cr
ENLI113 Basic Reading 4
ENLI110 Basic Grammar 4
ENLI112 Basic Writing 4
ENLI111 Basic Speaking and Listening 4

Intermediate English Level Cr
ENLI122 Intermediate Writing 4
ENLI120 Intermediate Grammar 4
ENLI123 Intermediate Reading 4
ENLI121 Intermediate Speaking and Listening 4

Advanced English Level Cr
ENLI131 Advanced Writing 4
ENLI130 Advanced Grammar 4
ENLI132 Advanced Reading and Discussion 4

The Arabic Language Institute offers non-credit and credit university courses in the Arabic language at various levels for students whose mother tongue is not Arabic and who have never received formal studies in the Arabic language.

The institute aims to meet the increasing demand to learn the Arabic language. Students will learn to speak and write Arabic, as well as improve their understanding of the Arabic-speaking culture.

Classes are offered at the basic, intermediate, and advanced levels. Students may begin in the Basic Level. Upon completing the Basic Level, they will be promoted to the Intermediate Level, and subsequently to the Advanced Level. Students must achieve an aggregate of not less than a "C" grade in order to be promoted from one level to the other. Upon a successful completion of all three levels, the student will receive a formal letter of completion.