General Education Program


The fast expansion and development of knowledge in a multi-cultural world demands the adoption of a philosophy of continuous life-long learning among the educated. All students at MEU must engage in the study of many fields, from the fine arts to the empirical and social sciences. This broad encounter with varied perspectives, and the exposure to knowledge gained from a wide range of disciplines, forms the domain of the General Education Program, one of the key pillars of higher education.


To be a well-informed, participating member of society, a student must be knowledgeable in many areas. The University's General Education Program courses are derived from the following areas:


The General Education Program is administered through the Office of the Academic Dean. Because of minor variations in requirements, the details are listed within each degree program.

Occasionally, a number of General Education Program courses for the undergraduate degree may be completed earlier in fulfillment of the Freshman Class requirements. In this case, the chairperson of the department will select substitute courses.

The General Education Program courses must be taken in the proposed sequence. Additionally, the minimum acceptable earned grade in residency for the General Education Program courses is a D.

The General Education requirements for MEU degrees are listed below. Some degree programs may have more detailed requirements. Please check the appropriate section of the Catalog for any program-specific information.